No. 192: Star

apple brandy, sweet vermouth, simple syrup

Fall Cocktails

18 recipes

The trimming of days and the falling of leaves brings out some of the cocktail world's most adventurous flavors. Opt for big spicy bouquets and spirits made from apples and stone fruit.

No. 179: Diki-Diki

apple brandy, swedish punsch, grapefruit juice

No. 171: Arrack Strap

dark rum, batavia arrack, sweet vermouth

No. 145: After All Imperial

apple brandy, peach liqueur, lemon juice

No. 141: Puerto Rican Racer

aged rum, apple brandy, yellow chartreuse

No. 111: Ford

old tom gin, dry vermouth, benedictine
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No. 105: Diamondback

rye, yellow chartreuse, apple brandy

No. 93: Honeymoon

apple brandy, curacao, benedictine

No. 91: Jersey

hard cider, apple brandy, simple syrup

No. 89: Shoulder Season

rye, apple brandy, angostura

No. 88: Vampire Blues

bourbon, sherry, lemon juice
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No. 85: Widow’s Kiss

apple brandy, yellow chartreuse, benedictine

No. 81: Old Hickory

dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, peychaud's

No. 60: Jack Rose

apple brandy, grenadine, lemon juice

No. 35: Nut Bunny

bourbon, nocino, lemon juice

No. 31: Corn N' Oil

dark rum, falernum, lime juice

No. 11: Alabazam

cognac, orange liqueur, lemon juice

No. 10: Lion's Tail

bourbon, allspice dram, lime juice